Introduction...I know, this is a creative title FAIL

Like my title?

So, as most of us know time passes fast, so fast that I believe we are not able to grasp each moments true significance, at least not at that instant. That is in fact the reason why I wrote in a journal practically every day for the year of 2010, and remains the reason why I am trying out blogging for this year!

To be honest I do not know what I will be blogging about, but if I can blog as much as I talk, then we should be good...HA!
Oh and I have to admit the hardest part of starting a blog is picking a background and coming up with the title,by the way Jen thanks for the “Hermana Chronicles” idea. Lol

Enough of the blabbing, let’s get to the part all little kids, I mean “readers” like, PICTURES!!!
Here are some of my favorite pictures of 2010

"Dale un beso a David"

Cassy and I "singing"

Ajijic, Jalisco

This picture does not compare to the real thing

"Plaza de los Mariachis"

Guadalajara, Jalisco

My parents love eachother can't you tell?

She loves my hugs :)

Hanna's 18th birthday,this is the only reason Bernard loves me...muahaha

Half moon bay trip

"LWC"...Lighthouse Worship Center ;)

David's first steps

This is what you call normal

Mad Rachel Happy Rachel

My monkey and Jacob


  1. Hey Anali!

    I didn't know that you had a blog! lol now I do... I will add you to my blog list...Love ya lots girl and miss you! :)

    Your friend,

  2. I get the first comment, YES!

    I LOVE IT. This blog is going to very interesting. VERY. Welcome to blogdom. And the pic of coffee? MUY, MUY EXCELENTE. See. I know spanglish too, lol ;)


  3. Actually Hanna, Kate beat you!
    and I don't see why you think my blog is going to be very interesting haha but OKAY! Hasta luego!

    Kate! That's because I made it lol First official post was today!
    love you and miss you too! hope to see you at on course!

  4. You never cease to amaze me with your.....uhhhh, "colorfulness".

    Blog on analisha!

  5. It was the "Hermana Happenings." lol I like your blog! And you write well, my kindred. Cute pictures, I'm glad I made it into at least one of them. Keep posting and I shall become a faithful reader. Love you!

  6. Woop! same thiiiiiiing lol
    and how could I not include the queen of "blogdom" in my blog? haha love you too!


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