Mexican men on the corner

Two post's in one day! that is a record! ha!

And FYI most of those men are from Guatemala, not Mexico.


For those who know me well, know that I do a good amount of volunteering and my main place is at the Hayward Day Labor Center.

So I decided to write about this wonderful Center and what they do.

First off for those who do not know what day laborers are, they are the men you often see on corners looking for jobs (unfortunately there is no nice way of putting it).

Although most people just see them as simply jobless men, they are more than this.

Did you know that these men often don't get payed for their work? They usually have no health insurance, do not know the language, are all alone with no families and are taken advantage of. They are basically they are just like you and me, talking walking human beings.

So, the Hayward Day Labor Center basically is a resource center fore these men. They offer legal services for them for several reasons, one of them being when they do not get payed (which happens often). They give the laborers free medical treatment and refer them to hospitals if needed, and they also have reoccurring workshops in order to increase the chances of them getting jobs.

It was not until recently that I noticed these workshops and events are not just to increase the amount of job offers they receive, but it is also a way of keeping them busy due to the fact that a lot of these men fall into depression or into drugs, because they are alone in a foreign country where they do not know the language, in a country where they are looked down upon.

You may be asking what do I do at the HDLC?

Phone bank, complete demand letters, put flyers in various neighborhoods, announce health vans and workshops, and the most recent addiction to my list is I will be helping in a "Coleccion"

So what is a "Coleccion"?

Basically it is a way to make the HDLC more Womanly friendly. You see, the center is mostly revolved around men and their needs, not much around women, and trust me there are many women with no jobs!

I am extremely excited in being part of the start of something! something to help someone!

Well this is a really really really long post..

BUT this is one of my represent the unrepresented


  1. Hey, you never told me you did volunteer work.
    keep up the good work!!

  2. That is because you don't pay attention to me:(
    Lol this blog will be for my loved ones to really know me haha.



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