You are what you.... write?

Do you know how to speak? I sure hope you do! But talking and writing are different things.....(Lol to the picture... and it really did make me lol....haha)

But have you ever spent time thinking on the importance of being at least an OKAY writer?

Today I was helping out somebody at school and this poor guy could not even write a proper email, he kept putting "am" instead of "I'm"makes me wonder what we are all learning in public high school.

That isn't my point though, I think It is crazy how the little things do matter. The way a sentence is phrased can make a difference.

For example:

  • Writing clear directions is crucial for people to understand them (like in medicine).

  • Being able to write a good proposal or scholarship essay could make the difference in whether you get the money or not.

  • The way you organize and write an email can affect that future employer or contact's impression of you.

  • For those that have been following my blogs, you have probably made assumptions of me because of my writing!

(Please don't think I am saying I am a great writer because I am one of those that is thankful for spellcheck... haha.)

Even in English classes teacher usually mention words with negative and positive connotations, and how they affect your writing. The words we choose to say and/or write adds a certain tone and feeling to that particular sentence we are saying/writing.

Reminds me of an essay I wrote that mentioned how language really does affect the way you think, quite interesting! (completely off topic lol )

That is all folks, just a thought like usual :D


  1. HA! I so agree.
    Iz crzy, eye lik now ppl hoo jus nvr rily lernt basik riting stuf n day bin tru hi skul n evrytang! Jus crazay. N know ppl dnt rily tek dem ceriusly evn ef dey hav somtin importint 2 saay. Iz sadd.

  2. Hanna you are a fool, please don't do that


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