You can run but you can't hide!

Two things you cannot hide from:

#1--GOD (duh)
To be more specific you cannot hide if you are chosen. If God hand picked YOU to serve him, you will never find your place anywhere else that is not at his side. You will NEVER EVER be satisfied with the happenings of this life.
"For many are called, but few are chosen"
Matthew 22:14
What catches my attention about being chosen is not necessarily the fact that we are hand picked (which IS amazing do not get me wrong), but what I am in awe about is the fact that no matter how far we tend to drift away from God or try to distance ourselves from him there is a higher force pulling us up. I remember a preacher once saying something like "When evil and sin is pulling me down, God is pulling me up".
Being chosen means that right before you fall off that cliff, a mighty hand pulls us up by our collar on to safety.
Let's face it, there are just individuals who have natural leadership qualities, and frankly they are hard to deny. How do you know if you posses these qualities?
Well here are a few points I have noticed.
  • A group of people will automatically chose you to do any sort of public speaking
  • Individuals often ask you for advise
  • You have a "take charge" attitude
  • You are often the one to step up if needed

and the most obvious

  • You have leadership roles!!

I am not so sure if I conveyed what I wanted to convey in this post, but this shall do.

These two things will be like a thorn in your foot if you do not fully develop them, and what better way to develop these than to combine them?


  1. Wow Anali, that was a really good post! Did I mention that I just LOVE reading your blog? lol I think you should write inspirational books or yearly devotions or something!

  2. Is that a sarcastic tone ? lol and thank you , I think I may consider it ;)

  3. That was deep AND understandable. Readable and packed with golden nuggets of truth. And I can so hear your voice when I read this lol.
    Good one.
    I agree with Jen.

  4. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that you can "hear my voice", but either way thanks kindreds. I will make sure to give you both a signed copy when my book first gets published.


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