Like David Danced

Sooooooo a couple weeks a go my nephew was stalking me and kept saying "Baila', balia". Meaning "Dance,dance", so I decided to put on some gospel music for him. The result is in the video below:

He Is soooooooooooooooooo cute! haha. So brothers and sisters; If you don't praise the Lord then a 2 year old will! I was also able to catch him saying Chuck E. Cheeze on video. Well... his version of Chuck E. Cheeze at least lol.

By the way, my nephew's name is David. Hence the title.

(P.S I am a GREAT aunt!)


  1. HAHA poor, poor little guy. Naw, jk jk. You make a fun aunt and he is a handsome little tyke. It took me a sec to get the probably cuz I stayed up past two doing that essay last night.


  2. Yeah, he's cute now. Not much to look at when he was a baby, I'm honest! Lol love the little guy, even when he follows me and doesn't let me take a nap!


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