March in March 3/14/11

On Monday March 14th, I attended the "March in March" against the budget cuts our schools are facing in Sacramento...

"Students and faculty from community colleges, the University of California and California State University systems let their opinions on budget cuts to higher education be heard during 'March in March,' a protest in Sacramento's midtown that led to a rally at the state Capitol on Monday."

"Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing raising tuition at community colleges from $26 to $36 and cutting $400 million from their total budget. Cuts will also be made, if approved by voters in June, to the California State University and University of California systems, in an effort to make up for a $26 billion dollar deficit in the state budget."

I spot a hippie...

America and I, It was raining!
The girls

Karen, Samantha, Samuel, America and I

I'm not too sure what the guys dancing ridiculously has to do with stopping the budget cuts. Maybe they will scare them into a heart attack! haha.

I didn't really feel like writing about it, I think the videos and pictures are self explanatory. The energy was AMAZING, and I hope that our voices were heard. Getting wet was totally worth it.


  1. Haha maybe those people were trying to be like that quote about dancing in the rain. Wierd. lol. Look's like you had fun!

  2. lol those guys are just plain weird. And it was fun I have to admit! you should try protesting/marching some time! or maybe your brother Abel will tell you what he told me

    "Your into that stuff huh?" lol


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