OnCourse Youth Conference

Although I was not able to make it all three days, I was able to go last night and what a blessing it was! Thank God for the men of God who are not scared to preach the truth, and thank God for families like the Hyler family who have a burden for the young people.

Here are some pictures!

Our hotel room, just in case you don't know what one looks like......
Our bathroom door kept closing so Cassy came up with a clever way of keeping it open ;)
Her hair almost hit the ceiling!Elder WhiteCassy, Melissa, NancyEmily,Brionna, Diana and IDiana, Rolini and IAbel's "Birthday party" , notice the gift wrapped in toilette paper lolNice face Abel, hope you always look like that when opening giftsNow Abel giving Jen a giftHer gift! (That little tooth bush thing lol)

Luckiest man alive! ;)

The girls The guys
That's attractive Hanna


  1. Hola Anali,

    I hope you don't mind me putting a link to your site on my blog. I appreciate good apostolic young people that really want to live for God. God bless you in your studies and your service to Him!


    Sis. Connell
    Mamacita de Jen

  2. Hi Sis.Connell!
    I don't mind at all! God bless you.
    (P.S) I particularly like how you ended the comment ;)
    Take care


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