Yo Lady, That Ain't a Bed

So today my friend and I were sitting in the lobby of one of the buildings at school, when all of a sudden this lady came over and well uh, took a nap. She just laid down, that is until security came. He looked at us, looked at her, looked at us. Then said "Excuse me ma'am", which frightened her......lol...

Later on I was studying at the library and guess who showed up?

Since there was no long chair thing for her to lay on this time, she came up with her own invention.

She propped herself against the wall and put her feet on a chair. BRILLIANT idea ain't it?

Geesh, I just hope she doesn't see this post and sue me or something....

Anyhow, did anybody get the lesson behind this story?-- Kiss your bed before you go to sleep tonight, because others may not have one ;)


  1. Oh dear. lol Kind of funny but sad at the same time. Well, I'm very thankful for my bed!

  2. OMW Anali! You did it again...im speechless lol. True though.

  3. Jennifer: I hope this post changed your life! haha
    Hanna: About time you are speechless ;)


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