Estoy muy Emocionada! and Do You Smell That?

First of all Jennifer Connell ,AKA Queen of Blogdom, tagged me in this thingy so here it goes!

Things I like to smell:

1. Coffee!

2. Fresh Laundry

3. Freshly baked cookies!

4. Carne Azada

5.Chimney 6. New Shoes

7. New car

8. Baby powder!

9. Herbal Essence products

10. Light cologne (Don't judge me! lol)

I tag Cassy, Kaleo, Kate, Hanna and Bernard!


I also wanted to state my thoughts on a couple of things that are coming up that I am very excited about! Number one is EVERYTHING God is doing (I just had to mention that), but my family from Mexico arrives on Friday, spring break and my trip to Seattle are next week! Also Friday and Saturday I will be taking part of a program at UCSF for students interested in the several schools at UCSF. There are people coming from different parts of California, I believe there are about 100 of us or so? I am a bit nervous though, because I hate arriving places by myself lol.

:) I am very content right now, excited about the future, excited about now and thrilled to know that God is with me in all that I do.

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  1. HAHAHAHA at the pic! And, yes, I am muy emocionada for you my dear! Penguins!


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