Hush, you talk too much

If I were to chose one simple but meaningful thing that I have learned this year, I would say that I have learned we don't always have to reply with full on details when somebody says something to us. For example: If I say your hair is nice, you don't have to say "I did it in 5 minutes", just say thank you! Or If somebody says I miss you, you really don't have to give excuses why you haven't seen each other, just say I miss you too :D. Does that make sense?

Us human beings (and I sure hope you are human!) tend to say more than what is necessary, I know I do that all the time. Having a conversation is much like reading directions, you have to make sure you read the question carefully. Or in this situation, make sure you hear the comment or question carefully in order to respond appropriately. Why say you aren't smart if somebody tells you that you are? They didn't ASK you if you thought you were smart right? They just stated their thought.

Also, some of you know that I just got back from my trip to Seattle and I will be uploading pictures soon! but here is a sneak peak ;)

This was at some funny hat shop... hehe.. Happy Easter!

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