What Makes You Different From Her?

I want to start off by saying this very important statement I AM ON SPRING BREAK! Gaaaaahhhh I can hardly contain myself lol! I still have to study though :/ Anyway, at some point in past couple of months while I was praying this question popped into my head "What makes me different from her?", or in other terms, what makes some God-serving individuals (I don't want to say christian because that title is used up by too many non-God-serving people), different from others? This is my theory, concept, or whatever you may like to call it. There are just some people who are satisfied with being saved, don't get me wrong being saved is very important! But then there are those who don't just want to say "Father here I am! I made it!" when they are in heaven, they want to say "Father here I am! I brought others with me, and look what I have done!". Sound familiar? I hope so! This is like the parable of talents that can be found in Matthew 24:14-30.

For those that don't know about this parable read below. The parable is about "a man travelling into a far country,who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods" Matt 24:14. He gave one of his servants 5 talents (aka money), gave another servant 2 talents, and one other servant 1 talent. Basically the servants with 5 and 2 talents went out and multiplied what he had given them. Whereas the one with one talent hid it so he wouldn't lose it, and the "man" was upset with him because he didn't do anything productive with it like the other two had done.

So back to my point, when I was thinking about the individuals that I connect the most with, I noticed that all of us had the desire to do more. More than just follow, more than just serve God. Notice that I said individuals I connect the most with, not necessarily see the most. Just because you see, or hang out with some people more than others doesn't mean anything other than they are closer in distance. Another word I would like to point out is desire. Desire and passion both have to be present before anything can be done, or else you will go into something half-heatedly and it might not get finished. I guess I could also say that some people have a desire to do something, while others have a burning desire. This doesn't just apply to church, it is the same concept with work ethic and academics.

So what makes you different from that guy or girl you see at a conference? Also one more thing my pastor says about the friends you pick "Run with race horses if you want to be a race horse, or you will become a donkey if you run with donkeys" :D Hanna, you are a race horse. I have other horses, but you are the funnest to pick on.... hahahaha MUAH!
A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not. ~Author Unknown


  1. Race horse! Anali, this post was really good. It really had me thinking. You know what? You're right! I wanna be a race horse just like you when I grow up. lolololol I love you.


  2. You are a race horse, why do you think you are in that picture that I stole from your blog ;)

  3. I'M A HORSE, a HORSE!?!?! How could you Anali!?!
    Naw, jk jk lol. That's sweet sista, I totally was enjoying reading your post and then I saw the pic and I was like, "Wow, really?" But then I read your nice comment, and that was the band-aid on the ouchie. Lol. I'm weird.
    Thanks Kindred, I love you!

  4. Hanna,have you had your cofee yet? Lol love ya, thankful for being able ti "run" at your side. Get it? Get it?!

  5. :) I like this!
    && I understand what you mean about bringing others with you, a good friend of mine started coming to church with us not so long ago, and I have to say it is an AMAZING thing to see someone inspired by the way that I live.
    I never thought that I'd be living for God the way I am today, or even that I will be bringing people along, but with God everything is possible.

  6. Most of the time our witness and the way we live speak louder than words. The difference shows, especially when it is someone in the midst of making changes to their lifestyle. Like you darling :)


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