Happy Birthday Hanna!

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to one of my dearest friends, Hanna! Love you so so so so so so much. I thank God for friends like you. You have been an example in the past (and continue to be), and you are a great study buddy...Unless you can't stop talking...Oh wait, never mind, that's usually me. haha

Everybody wish her Happy Birthday!
Okay here is a little story.....

Once upon a time in a far far land....no never mind, in a small small land. There was mean girl called Hanna and a lost girl called Anali.
The problem was that everybody thought that she was an Angel... when in reality...
She hit and abused poor little wandering Anali all the time. Hanna was a clever gal', she always made sure that nobody was able to see her arm when she was taking pictures, because she would pinch who ever she was "hugging".
All little Anali could do was hold it in and hide it.
And Hanna just smiled and laughed at Anali's misery.Her laugh sounded a little bit like this "MUAHAHAHAHA"



(P.S. Enjoy you LAST year of being a REAL teenager! hahahaha)


  1. Oh. My. Word. LOLOLOL!!!! Anali, you are loca en la cabeza! Thank you so much and I love you muy, muy mucho even if you make up crazy stories about me and talk too much when we're trying to study :D

  2. I studied today without you.... I haven't studied that much for a while..Lol jk jk Love love love you tooooo!


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