I know I am a bit late on putting these pictures up, but I have been BUSY. Church, school, activities, family from Mexico, Volunteering and blah, blah, blah.

But here are the pictures from my trip to Seattle. I went on my spring break for those that don't know, with the lovely Carisa!

The clouds looked so cool from the airplane! I felt like we were Mario Bro's and were bouncing on clouds! haha

On the air plane! The famous gum wall!
Some cool wall at Pike place market.

Tourist ;)She was like "What is this?"
I was like"Woooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!".. lol

Space needle
At one of the many caffes we went to. She was reading while I was studying.
A really pretty park. Japanese garden area? I think?
Mama bear and Poppa bear lol

hehe...Potties at the end of the underground tour.

At the underground tour!
This is pretty cool. We are underground, and we could see to the street above us through those little glass things.

This is a cool picture Carisa accidentaly took while we were in some little shop at the waterfront!
Pretty pretty pretty

First Starbucks EVER!
Pike Place Market

One thing I noticed about Seattle is that dogs are EVERYWHERE. They were either laying in the middle of a store (like this one),or on display window! lol
I found Elvis

The encyclopedia of immaturity, everything makes sense now!

My first meal in a different state!

Pike place market! Really cute and nice.

In conclusion, Seattle Washington was COLD and very musical, a lot of singers and musicians. I have never drank so much coffee in my life, after all it is the coffee capital! I have to admit that it was a lot like a mini San Francisco, but it was nice to be away from home. I felt like a big girl! Since I don't have the money YET to travel the world, I want to go to as many of the 50 states as I can. I can't wait until my next trip! I am a deprived child and have only seen some parts of California and Mexico!

It's funny how right before I left for my trip my pastor told the church that he liked what I was doing, traveling and going to school. He said "Sisters, don't say amen because you will get in trouble, but I know that after you get married you all regretted a lot of things like not going to school or traveling. So I am glad you are doing this sister Anali"

He also said he thinks I should get a new car before I get married, but I said that is too expensive.... Plus I can't pop my own tire on the curve if its new..... Lol.



  1. WOW, this is cool! Now I don't have to go to Seattle because I've already seen and experienced it through you haha. But I must say, I missed my study buddy! But it's okay, 'cause it's payback time hee:)Naw, jk lol.

  2. You know what Hanna? That is not fair,I was gone a whole week, and you will probably be gone the whole summer!
    I'll make sure to take Diana out for you k? I'll take her and Ashley to exciting places, maybe even visit Jen! :P


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