Southern California Trip With the Puente Club!

About two weeks ago I went on a trip to Southern California with the Puente club, after all that is why we did fundraisers for!

On day one we visited California State University Long beach and California State University Fullerton; we also went to downtown Disney. The second day we went to University of Southern California, and later went down to Santa Monica. Finally on day three we went to University of California Los Angeles.

Here is the gang.

Day 1

There will be a lot of car pictures....Just warning you ahead of time. lol

CSUL! They were so welcoming, I still loved it there although the misspelled my name. Take a look "Annalee", haha. I ended up winning a lunch with the undergrad rep.
One thing I really liked about CSUL or "The beach", was the fact that they seemed to really cared about their Hispanic students. They even gave us free t-shirts.
I really don't know how to explain this picture. ha

We had lunch at a cute little cafe in Long beach. Guess who tried escargot for the first time? yup, that is it in the picture above. Cameras were going off left and right, I felt famous...I have to say it was pretty good ;)

This is us at CSUF
So the story behind this picture is that supposedly if you rub the right butt cheek of this statue (Fallen David), you get good luck. I should probably check back with Alex to see how lucky he is since then. HAHA!
Hector couldn't be serious if he tried.
At downtown Disney, the box says "Who needs prince charming when you have chocolate". Can I get an amen ladies?!

Day 2

Random picture
The crew at USC
This was taken at Santa Monica. So basically, on our way to get some lunch there were a whole bunch of parrots just chilling on the side. So what did I do? Talk to them of course! The guy who was in charge of them then came out of no where and just placed "polly" on my shoulder. Didn't ask permission or anything. Yeah, I wasn't sure how I felt about having a gigantic bird on my shoulder. Didn't have a say in it though. Lol
Story of my life...haha
I'm gangster! NOT

Day 3

UCLA and Alberto's face haha
The back of my head and UCLA. Honestly I have to say that UCLA was my favorite school, AND one of the few UC's who offer nursing.
The Puente Family!

"Caminante no hay puentes, se hace puentes al andar"

This trip was a lot of fun, but very tiring. Honestly this trip was a success, in the beggining of the fall semester I told the club that this trip was our ultimate goal. I was skeptical the who time though, I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to go but we did! Well, I'm done. Bye! Hope you enjoyed the pictures :)

Tiene Vida de Perro

aka "They live the life of a dog"
I guess it is supposed to be an insult, but as I sit here in my living room watching my dogs sleep I can't help but notice they have a good life.
  • They get free rides
  • Free Food
  • They don't even have to wash themselves
  • They don't ever have to worry about having a roof over their heads
  • They get affection
I guess I could go on and on...but I guess the life as a dog in the U.S isn't bad, in Mexico is a different story.

(P.S My dog just snored lol)
(P.S BUT they can't eat chocolate OR avocados)

End of the School Year and Puente Club

It sure feels good to be out of school! and guess who got an "A" in anatomy? uhu, that's right THIS GIRL! Lol, I have never studied so hard before, so yes I am going to brag! I don't just get good grades like the Kifle's.
Anyway, this was a good year I have to say! My goals for my future are more fine tuned. I reminded myself of why I wanted to go into nursing, and other stuff which would make this post super long if I kept blabbing about it. Let's just say I am excited for my future and feel blessed to be able to somewhat make what I want out of myself.

I was also the Puente club president this year, and it was quite an experience! I felt like a failure the first semester, but now I don't. We got some valuable things done, and we even raised enough money for a trip down to Southern California to see the Colleges down there (although Bro.Kifle said he would stop talking to me if I moved over there lol). My main concern about being president was that I wouldn't do anything and that we would just be another club who did NOTHING. I feel good about my contribution though, but a quick shout out to Alex for helping me out this whole year. I also noticed I have this thing about people not being humble about their positions and being power hungry...but I will save that for another post...haha.
Here is the year in pictures!... Or this past semester at least, because I didn't take pictures of the fundraisers we did Fall semester

These are most of the club members!

Cesar E. Chavez Celebration!

We had a table at a Cesar E. Chavez celebration, children were able to make bookmarks and were given an opportunity to win children's Cesar E. Chavez books!

Cinco de Mayo fundraiser We sold "aguas" at a cinco de Mayo celebration to raise funds for our Southern California trip!

"Raza Day" at Stanford hosted by MECha de Stanford
Raza day was a conference for Hispanic students. They had workshops and even had a comedian as their keynote speaker.
RISE conference at UC Berkeley

This conference was directed towards AB540 students, if you don't know what that it!Japan Fundraiser!
After the disaster hit in Japan I thought having a mini fundraiser would be a great idea. We raised about 300 dollars, it wasn't much money but at least we did more than some of the other students! ;)

"Motivating future professionals"
I honestly don't even remember what we named this Basically I had a former AB540 student, along with two other individuals come speak to the three Hispanic clubs at school. The active dreamers (another club) and Puente bought pizza for everybody. Each of these individuals below, had interesting stories. They were all inspiring. I have to admit this wasn't as well planned out as I would have wanted it to be, but it's okay it will be better next year!
ESL tutoring
This the activity I am the most proud of starting! We currently tutor ESL students every Thursday. These ladies are SO cute!This is Xiumyn and I. I am helping her review for her citizenship test that she will be taking June 6th! So after I took these pictures she asked me to print them out, so I did. When she had this picture (above) in her hand, she pointed to me, looked up and said "Beautiful"... AWE!
Next year I won't be president but I will be Vp, I just feel I need to give more of my time to organizing things IN church, aaaaaaand I will be doubling up on my science. So yeah. I really noticed the need for the youth today to look outside of themselves. It was hard to get people to commit at times. Giving back to your community, or any event that helps "make the world a little better" is very rewarding. You don't even have to spend all your time doing community service, two hours of your week can make a huge difference. That's why I pray to God that he opens my eyes and expands my vision so I can look away from my daily life onto the bigger picture. I want God to use me in whatever way he wants! You may think you are just one individual, but one individual can do a lot. Good or bad.