Tiene Vida de Perro

aka "They live the life of a dog"
I guess it is supposed to be an insult, but as I sit here in my living room watching my dogs sleep I can't help but notice they have a good life.
  • They get free rides
  • Free Food
  • They don't even have to wash themselves
  • They don't ever have to worry about having a roof over their heads
  • They get affection
I guess I could go on and on...but I guess the life as a dog in the U.S isn't bad, in Mexico is a different story.

(P.S My dog just snored lol)
(P.S BUT they can't eat chocolate OR avocados)

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  1. Oh my word haha! In Ethiopia, dogs are probably treated waaaay worse than in Mexico. In fact one of the really "bad words" and worst insults is um well I wont write it publicly but the "word" means dog. SO if you call a person a dog in Amharic, you better repent like immediately :) just thought I'd share.


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