For Embarrasing Picutes of Coco CLICK HERE

The little brother I never had turned 18 on Tuesday.. Sniff sniff..
He is a great person and can make ANYBODY laugh guaranteed or your money back .
I am positive that he will accomplish great things in life (like getting a job before his older siblings lol).
Okay okay, let's move on to the pictures !
You see that little thing in a black shirt and an goldish tie? That was coco before he towered over everybody!

Eugene and Coco hunting for snakes

I see little Coco

I guess they weren't too embarrassing huh? Hard to believe that he was once my height haha!

We love you Coco :)

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  1. Omw wowowow lol funny blast from the past.
    But heeeey I DO have a job!
    Yes, Coco is growing up sigh which makes us even older *sigh*.
    P.S. Did you mean pictures or is "picutes" like a new word? lol.


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