"I Couldn't Find My Bunny"

Every Sunday during service there is a time slot where people can give testimonies and just give thanks to the Lord!
Well, today a little girl from my church named Kayla, raised her hand to say something. As she got up she was just thanking God for the air she breathed and the sun that comes out every day. She then continues and says:
"I also couldn't find my bunny last week, I searched and searched and I didn't see him. I then prayed to God to keep him safe and keep him from becoming carne azada"

I almost tipped over in laughter even though it was mid service. Really Kayla? Carne azada? ahahahahaha.

Of course she found her bunny and nobody made tacos out of it.

One more funny thing, today when I was eating with my parents I bit myself and made an ugly face. My mom then said, "Did you bite yourself? I hate it when that happens, I get so angry I want to hit myself"

Hahahahahah, I love my life.
Hope this gave you at least a little chuckle ;)


  1. Lol! Bunny tacos don't sound very good! The funniest things happen in church. We had church last night and we had a new kid come. He was being really distracting and yelling "Praise The Lord" and "God Bless America" quite loudly. lol Interesting.

    I hate when I bite myself. I'm sorry you bit yourself. :)

  2. ANALI! We have been doing a good job so far of covering up your INSANITY. Naw, lol jk haha, I actually did "chuckle". Successful post :)


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