June Events: Graduation's, PCC and More!

I cannot believe the month of June is gone already!
Well this is what I was up to last month: Hanging out with the Kifle gang, Coco's graduation party, Coco's and Bernard's graduation, PCC, and did I mention hanging out with the Kifle gang already? Lol,

Just Chillin'

Coco's Graduation Party!
Groovy shirt Hanna!Hanna practicing her nursing skills before she actually becomes one. When Bernard became Ethiopian! Ask him about it ;)
Coco's and Bernard's graduation!
This picture is so touching I can almost cry...haha


Cassy's idea of stopping a runny nose

Hanna's real side come out

Emily and I

Dad's Birthday Dinner
The nephew and DadThe Family

By the way, I don't know why some of the stuff I wrote is underlined and in blue... Hmmm interesting.
One more thing, apparently this person doesn't know how to take a picture.... Ahem. HANNA!


  1. It's sad when somebody doesn't know how to work a camera hahahahaha

  2. hahaha it happens, a brother at our church was taking a picture of us on Sunday & instead of pressing the button for the picture he turned off the camera LOL. it was soo funny, but Edgar was baptized! I got soooo many pictures of that (: lol

  3. HAHAHAHA!!!!! That picture of Cassy is hilarious!


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