A Little Suga'

When is the last time you have said something nice to somebody for no reason at all?
What about written a good ol' fashion letter to somebody? No?
Okay, how bout left a random note for somebody just telling them they are great?

No? Hm. Well my friend (or stranger) let me tell ya somethin'.

We've all heard the "its the little things that matter" saying, and it's true!
It's quite easy. If you love somebody, tell them.
You notice somebody is down? Write them a letter.
Want to simply make somebody's day? Leave them a note on their car or desk.

Simple concept from a simple girl on a simple blog :)


  1. you are a wonderful person =) there. <3

  2. Does walking a billion miles with you at Chabot & drinking (eeww) Starbucks instead of Peets count? Teehee :)


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