Cyber Boyfriend

Once upon a time, a young girl named Sally woke up on a bright Saturday morning. The first thing she did was check her iphone, and saw Bob's typical good morning text. As she replied a smile lit up her face; she could not believe she liked him that much.

During class all she could think of was going on Facebook to see if he had written on her wall or commented. At lunch, she checked her email and found two sweet surprises. Not only did she have Facebook notifications letting her know Bob liked her status, but she had an email from him too!
She quickly updated her status (for the 10th time that day) to a simple heart.

When she got home, she tweeted about the fact that she was going on instant messenger. When she got on, she was ecstatic to see a message from Bob. Of course, she didn't mind texting him and instant messaging Bob.

That night Bob did something oh so special. On his facebook, he put "Happy 4month anniversary Sally, you are the BEST". Sally could not hold her happiness and decided to update her status once again, so the WHOLE [facebook] WORLD could see how happy they were. For the rest of the night, they texted each other back and forth like they had been doing for the past 4 months and waited to wake up the next day to do it all over again.


Like my story? I honestly hope you got a little laugh out of it (maybe a little burp or something), but seriously what's up with these cyber relationships? Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against instant messaging, texts, Facebook (well a little), twitter (although it's pointless who cares if you are about to brush your teeth), or email. But I enjoy a phone call from a good Friend from time to time, even if it is just to say hi. I specifically like phone calls when we are trying to figure something out, or if you ask me a LONG question.

It seems like people are starting to forget what a real human relationship should be like now in days. Am I the only person who has noticed that if you text a person too much they will stop calling? Or that if you Facebook somebody it is much easier to get a hold of them than to call or to text even?

I'm really not trying to preach, but consider and analyze your cyber relationships. Do you talk to the person online, in text, or in person more? What friends would you still have if you didn't have a Facebook or text messages?

And to whom it may concern: if you want to build a relationship with a girl/guy, try calling her/him from time to time and having a conversation with her/him when you see her/him.

(P.S. Let the guy do it first ladies!)

Just a little random something. :D


  1. what if I don't have her number or I never see her, or she doesn't even have a fb, or she doesn't even exist?

    wait, hold on............sally just texted me.

    great post, good point, it has been duly noted.

  2. Sooo Love it!! I think people are really lonely this days and hold on to any fsntasy that calms that lonelines! I have a "ciber I DONT KNOW WHAT" Amazing guy, the more i like him, the more i stay a way from the computer and get a real life!!

  3. Yeah... a nice phone call does the trick :)

    Better than Online :)


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