The Desire Of Mi Corazón

At the bottom of my heart lies the desire,
desire to be like the one I admire.
Admire they eyes of him who loves me for what I am.
I am nothing, for what I am is because of his command.
Command that I stand flawless,
flawless but I am, less I am.
Less I am.
Less I am of fill in the blank,
filled in this blank of this so called life, where is the light?
Light my way Lord, shift, break do.
Do what you need in order to,
to make me presentable infront of your throne.
Thrown on to the potters wheel I ask.
I ask to be changed, made perfect.
Perfect I can only try,
try my heart and see what's inside.
Inside out I want to be clean.
Clean of any kind of impurity.
God I need you.
You, quien mas?
Mas, more.
More of you, less of me.
Me, I found out to be is my own worst enemy.
God help me be all that you want me to be!
These things called words can't describe what I feel,
I feel all I can do is pray with my tears.
Tears you can use to water me and make me grow.
Grow into whatever, whenever, however.
Lord have your way.
To be like you, como tu.
Is my desire,
my desire Señor.
My desire.


  1. Wow, Anali! What a great poem. Did you write this? It flows very nicely, and I like the fact that there is some Spanish in it too. Que bueno! God bless you.

    Hermana Connell

  2. Yes I did.
    Muchas gracias hermana! :)

  3. Good poem sista! I like how you stated the begining of each line with the last word of each line.

  4. I LIKE, I LIKE, I LIKE!!! Anali the Poet? :)

  5. Beautiful,beautiful!
    one of those lines sounded familiar though....


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