Kaleo and Bryan''s Wedding!

I have to say that it was a beautiful wedding and I feel honored to have been able to share this one in a life time moment with my friend. Kaleo and Bryan are wonderful examples that love can endure, and there is no doubt in my mind that as a couple they will follow Gods will.

Anyway, I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera but some of the pictures were lost. I don't know what happened but the pictures of Starbucks were erased when I uploaded them, yes we went to Starbucks after the wedding. The whole bridal part did, that's how cool (addicted) we all are!

***Please take note that the pictures are not in chronological order and that I stole a couple from somebody's facebook. lol


Coco and I

Kaleo and Bro. Curry

The bridal party.

This pictures cracks me up. Lol

I was able to take this picture before I was forced to go into the crowd of desperate ladies. haah

Diana and George

Hanna and Brandon

Kaleo :D

Pastor Rushing dancing down the aisle. LOL

By the way Kaleo..... FREEEEDOM, FREEEEDOM. hahaha

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  1. awwh this was by far the best wedding I've been to!
    (only two) lol
    *by the way I was in the picture of "desperate ladies" i am not desperate even though that is a hilarious picture of me! lol


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