Kaleo's Bridal Shower

Kaleo's bridal shower was on Saturday and it was FUN and very very interesting. Lol.
Shout out to Sister. Fern (The maid of honor) for hosting an awesome bridal shower!
P.S for those who were there, I hope you had fun watching me "dress up" hehe

The bride to be!

Uh, Hanna?

Had to edit that picture lol
Not a very good picture of either of us, but love her anyway!

I decided to make a bow from the left over table cloth... and then I tortured all the bridesmaids with it MUAHAHAHA


Hanna looks like a little girl! haha

She's single lady's and gentlemen ;)

The maid of honor!


  1. HAHAHAHA! And what do you mean, "Uh Hanna?!" Ppl are always saying I'm blonde so I figured I'd play the part. And what happened at this shower, stays at this shower haha.
    It was fun though :D

  2. Nice post!! Good to see this bridal shower arrangements. It reminded me of my sister’s bridal shower that was arranged last month at one of local Los Angeles wedding venues. I hosted that and was very happy to manage everything beautifully for everyone. All loved and enjoyed the day.


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