Confessions of a Church Piano Player

1. It is really hard not to crack up sometimes because I can see everything from the platform. So if something funny happens, I definitely see it.

2. Because I DO see everything it can be a little saddening when you see the congregation isn't quite praying like they usually do, or they aren't praying with a visitor, ect...

3. I rather not sing at church conferences because of the fact that I always sing at my home church.

4. Being a young "leader" isn't the easiest for many reasons.

5. I appreciate alter calls at other churches greatly (because I'm not playing).

6. It is very convenient to learn how to play a couple of songs with your eyes closed lol (just in case your really need to pray).

7. Singing/playing gets transformed to your own way of worshiping. Suddenly the way I feel I want to express in a song.


Putting that to the side, yesterday we had a visitor who was broken before God. It had been a while since we had one of those visitors, you know the ones that are REALLY hungry for God? It just touched me deeply, it reminded me what we are really here for. All of a sudden I felt selfish not sure why yet, but he reminded me that there are more people like him out there. Just thought I'd post about it, just because.

Also, the year is almost over! you know what that means?!
1. No more blogging (my year is almost up)
2. My birthday :D
3. Caramel brulee latte at Starbucks
4. End of the school year!


  1. Lol I totally understand nember one! Lol because us Apostolics get loud and the vistors freak out! Lol they get the funniest looks on their faces! But I'm on the drums not the piano!;)

  2. Hi Hannah!
    Thank you for commenting! Yes, there are some interesting looks on people's faces lol

    I also got confused when I read your name because my friend Hanna doesn't use an "H" at the end and I originally thought it was her.



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