Look What The Lord Hath Done!

When I was 9 years of age my family and I moved to San Lorenzo California from Redwood City California. Since my mother was accustomed to attend church (any kind of church at least), she decided to look for a church in our new city. Conveniently, there was a church right next door named "Lighthouse Worship Center", a One-God-Apostolic-Jesus-Name church. I'm not sure about the time frame, but my mother eventually got baptized and received the holy ghost.

Now me, being 9 years old didn't care much for church and was busy being a "normal" kid in the world or what not. Since my father wasn't in church (and still isn't pray from him please :] ) I could pretty much do what I wanted. But since I am not heartless (regardless of what anybody says lol) the word of God impacted me and kept tugging at my heart until I made a decision.

On July 10, 2005 at 14 years of age, I accepted the Lord.... TOTALLY KIDDING (who are we to accept the Lord? pffft). ..I decided to give my life to the Lord and got baptized! Three months later I received the gift of the holy ghost.

At age 15/16, I changed my number so I could focus on God and not on my old friends. I needed to work on ME, and let God move things in my life and change me (This is how I learned how to pray, but that is a completely different story).

At age 16/17? I decided to learn the piano so I could help out at my church since we only had one piano player... which is funny now that I think about it.

In part, this whole piano thing is why I am writing as we "speak". Now that I can reflect back on my life at a younger age, I can see God's hand. He really does see the future.
I say this because I learned the piano so I could be a help, but God new that eventually our other piano player/'s would leave.
He chose me, the simple one, the one that didn't sing as well as the others, the one who didn't play as well as the others, me.

The simple fact that I am still in church (because the desire/strength comes from him and him alone) is enough for me to exalt his holy name! But it is just mesmerizing to me how things work out at the end. I sincerely consider it a privilege to use whatever little talent I have to worship him. An amazing voice or amazing piano skills will not save you, it is the heart behind that voice or instrument that God sees.

I guess I just wanted to share what God has done in my life, or at least how it started because in reality I can't list ALL that he has done. But truth be said- The Lord uses those that are nothing to exalt himself.

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up."

James 4:10


  1. AWESOME GIRL!!! And it was soooo good to meet you at WCC!!! I'ma add a link for you on my blog!!! Come check me out Classicmarymoments.blogspot.com

  2. Hey Mary! It was nice meeting you as well! Thank you! I'll add you on mine as well :D


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