Thanksgiving Break

Sadly my Thanksgiving break is coming to a close and finals are right around the corner. BOOO. Anyway, I had fun these past few days! On Thursday morning I woke up at 3am to go to Alcatraz for indigenous people's thanksgiving. They had Native Americans do this traditional ceremony thing, it was cool, but I wont be going again. LOL

Here are the pictures below!
The losers I went with (It was raining btw)
Uh, I'm always lost. haha
My glasses have dots on them :(

On the fairy!
On our way back waiting for the fairy... Look at my face hahaha
The girls

Later on that day I went to my Aunts house in Concord. Since I don't have a camera at the moment I took a few with my phone.
They are the cutest!

Rachel! Her dad says she walks like a telly tubby... I say little Buddha ,either isn't very nice huh?

Mommy and Rachel

I wish Jacob didn't have a look on his face like I did something to him. lol

AND Black Friday shopping... Kind of. Hanna had stuff, I just had a scarf and two pairs of tights. I will not do Black Friday shopping again! She's lucky I love her. LOL Coco was our body guard for the night too. Did I mention she wanted Chicken nuggets at like 3:30 AM?
Penguin hand warmers!

Then I went to Global winter wonderland! It was SO pretty!

Karla, Dalia and I in front of an Aztec pyramid!

My castle!

Reminded me of Jen :)

My boyfriend

Finally a door my size :) heh heh


  1. Hey Anali! Thanks for posting pictures! I miss u terribly! -Christy

  2. Hilarious! And that's def my first and LAST black friday eveeerrrrr haha

  3. Christy its a miracle you commented! I miss you too!

    Hanna, I can sleep peacefully now knowing that you wont drag me to any black Fridays EVER again! :)

  4. I gotta start promoting this camp!!! Check it guys should consider going!!!


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