Viral Sin

You see this on the left?
This is the influenza virus. Influenza virus along with other viruses such as HIV and N.Gonorrhoae survive in your body due to a particular trick they have. They have antigenic variation.
Let me break it down for ya. When these viruses get into your body your body produces antibodies against these little invaders. Antibodies are there to protect your body against invaders, and are formed after you have been exposed to a virus and such. Anyway, what these three virus's do is that they change their surface antigens (just think about it as surface shape) about every week, so when your body finally produces antibodies against the virus, the virus has already changed shaped and antibodies are no longer effective. Then the cycle continues: the body produces antibodies but by the time they are produce virus changes shape and remains in the body to do damage.

I learned this in microbiology but this was brought into mind when I though about sin. We all know that sin attracts more sin, you can't just STOP. The more and longer you sin, or are simply away from God the harder it gets for God to penetrate your heart. Your heart no longer "looks" or "feels" the same like before, and things of God that used to cure you and defend your heart become less and less effective.

For example, there is a backslider who visits my church often and is usually moved by God rather easily. But this last time she went to church I could see that even though she was trying to pray, nothing was happening. Why? Because she kept going back to the sin, kept adding on the load. Her heart and soul were undergoing "antigenic variation". Sad isn't it? So true though.

Just something to chew on.


  1. Amazing, love the connection and yes, very very true. This was a nice balance of "you" & technical haha so maybe normal ppl will understand it.

  2. LOL that is such and odd compliment haha
    But thanks!


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