The Bible Was Written By a Fat Guy With a Wig

Have you ever come across somebody who says they do not believe in the bible? I have. I get the typical "How do you know who really wrote it? How do you know it wasn't some fat guy with a wig who wrote it?" . Okay okay, I'm exaggerating on the fat guy with a wig part but you get my point right? And if somebody does not believe in the bible, where is our proof? Where is our ground?

I haven't blogged in a while but I just NEED to blog about this topic. I recently started a different school with different people.. in San Francisco. O__o I know right? I came to the conclusion that education can be a DANGEROUS road for those that aren't sure about what they believe, or for those that only have one premise on why they should believe. I hope I'm making sense, but before I keep rambling, I shall say what I want to say. I need to apologize if I'm a little blunt when I make my points, but you have to talk to people bluntly at times so they understand. Sooooo.... yeah.

Defending your views about God without the bible (or my views in this case).

#1: Modest dress
Q: Why do you dress modestly?
A: I don't know about you (assuming you are talking to a girl) but I don't personally like being looked at as a piece of meat. You've seen the way men look at women at times. Dressing like this is a way to prevent that. It's up to us women to take the responsibility and cover up our body. After all how could you accuse a guy of being a "pig" or being disrespectful if you dress provocatively? With pants you know very well you can see the shape of a woman, you are not hiding anything really. Also, when you think about God, you think of something pure, something... "white" I guess you can say. It wouldn't make sense if I said I was trying to follow God and I wanted to be like him and I dress in a way that does not reflect a godly person. You have to admit that the way an individual dresses has a lot to do with the type of person you assume he/she is.

#2: Church Attendance
Q : Why do you go to church so much? Isn't Sunday enough?
A: Let's say you have a friend you care about a lot and you want to keep close to you. Wouldn't you want to see them and talk to them often? Attending church several times of week is not only a way to stay connected to God, but it is a way to dedicate time to him as well. After all, we spend hours and hours doing our own thing, working, going to school, ect. It is not fair to God to push him aside.

#3 Ungodly Places
Q: Why don't you go to parties or bars? It's not like you have to drink or anything.
A: It makes me uncomfortable. I personally rather avoid being somewhere where there is going to be drunk people all around me. It is an unpredictable environment AND I am nobody's mother to be taking care of drunk people OR to be a designated driver. Uh uh. (I have said that before haha) I rather avoid those places because I don't NEED to be there. Case settled.

#4 Television
Q: What's wrong with TV?
A: Let's be honest and admit that most things on television are not exactly godly or good. Most things have to do with violence and sex. Topics like that aren't exactly going to make us a better person. Even if you are watching a show that has nothing bad in it, there are still commercials that are usually inappropriate. Aside from the themes and topics that are on TV, it is a waste of time! I barely have time to do my homework and I don't watch TV. If you guys watch TV you can easily waste up to 6 hours of a day sitting in front of that thing. TV is also a way people get FAT!

#5 God
Q: How do you know God is real?
A: If you feel what I have felt you would KNOW he is real. It's also what I have experienced. No I haven't been taken out of drugs or healed of a great sickness, but I have had my prayers answered. For example: I told God one time that I would be satisfied with an 80% on a test. What did I get? an 80.0%. Or how about the time when I was having doubts and a preacher came and told me personally something specifically addressing that doubt. Or when I told God I needed a job that payed well since I was going to need more money for school and for a missions trip I want to take and I got the job that payed over $20.00? Even after I though I had failed the test for it.

You could say it is a coincidence, but if my believing is going to keep me optimistic and if it has worked so far. And if my believing keeps me stronger than most unbelievers in time of need, then let it be. I will believe.

Q: How do you know you have the truth?
A: I know many churches say they have the truth but I think of it like this. When you think of God you think of a being who is supernatural right? Something... something different, marvelous. Shouldn't something godly look different? Wouldn't you be able to see the difference? I believe you should. This relationship I have, this doctrine I follow IS something different.

Stay tuned for part 2...


  1. THIS IS AWESOME! I read it in like 2 minutes because it was sooo...GOOD!

  2. I don't get the 2 minute thing. Doesn't that mean you just scanned it? Or maybe I'm just a slow reader. HA! Thanks Kindred. We kind of spoke about this on Wed!

  3. Anali, this is a wonderful post! I saw the title of it on Jen's blog, and it piqued my curiousity. I am so thankful for young people like you that are taking a stand for God in this ungodly age in which we live. I am proud of you, and may God bless you as you continue to serve Him.

    Sis. Connell

  4. Anali, I love your 'bluntness'! Very good post! The way you explain stuff makes so much sense, I am sure you will be bringing some San Franciscan's closer to God. :)

  5. Sis Connel thank you! You're words are very sweet and appreciated.

    Emily, thank you lol It's a bit dangerous for those that don't know me. haha. But I'm a sweet gal' right? and yeah I sure hope I can! I'll be at that school long enough -__-

  6. Lol at being "at that school long enough". You're doing them a favor haha. 2 minutes meaning I read it completely just super fast lol.& yes, I remember our convo :D.

    PART TWO??!!

  7. Yeah doing them a favor because they are taking MY MONEY!
    Wait for it geesh. lol


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