Daddy's Little Girl

I entered a scholarship/contest where we have to upload an image that "Frames our Future". I chose to make a collage of my father and I because he is such an inspiration. My father was the oldest male in a poor Mexican family of 6 boys and 3 girls, not counting the two boys that died in their youth. Being the oldest male he was forced to make the decision that many Latino men had to make: whether to go to school or to work. With the constant lack of food on his family’s table and frequent moving due to unpaid rent, he chose to work instead of going to school. He finished middle school and began helping his father with the duties of maintaining a large family. He was the first of his family to move to the U.S and brought the rest of his family here. Since his childhood did not freely enable him to get his education, he wanted to make sure his children did. Growing up, I was often told how important getting an education was and was talked into noticing the fact that power as well as success, derive from nothing else but knowledge. With this thought in mind, I never once considered not getting an education. The collage includes pictures of my kindergarten graduation, high school graduation and other pictures proving his constant presence in my life.

He is my hero.

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