Don't You Trip On That Skirt?

Although I am supposed to be reading "Dracula" for my English class I rather blog a bit..heh heh.

I just got a phone call from a good friend of mine who attends a different church than the one I go to. He told me that yesterday he picked up his sister from high school and that he saw this girl who "looked really really pentecostal" lol.
He described her by saying that her skirt was down to her ankles and that her hair was really long, but besides that, she was walking with her friends like nothing. Not caring about what anybody else thought. He told me this to ask if she attended my church, and she does. She is actually 15 and barely made the decision to wear skirts to school. I was told that she was also being made fun of, but she continued wearing what pleased God. At the end of our talk he told me that she made an impression on him because he could really tell her apart.

I wanted to blog about this because it is important to me, and his little phone call touched me. Primarily because I am personally proud of her and of the stand she made in her life. Secondly because he recongnized that long skirts do set you apart! Look, I'm not here to preach about skirt lenght, but he has his own church and he recognized that she looked "really pentecostal". His sister also attends church, so just get the hint will ya?

There are still people out there, in church and not in church, who see the difference in REAL modest dress. Okay that is all, I'll sit my long-skirt-long-hair self down to read Dracula now.



  1. I like!

    Now I'll go take my convicted-not-enough-long-skirts-self to the thrift-store! Heehee :D

  2. Amen! The world can spot us a mile away! I'm proud of any young person who will stand for what is right in a world that is doing wrong and pushing for others to do wrong, too. I know people notice us even if they don't say anything right away, I can see it on their face! It's actually funny to me, and I love when they get brave enough to ask about it, like they think they're going to offend me or something. I just smile and explain! THank God for truth!

    1Pe 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

  3. I agree...I LOOOOOOOOOVE LOOKIN REALLLLLY PENTECOSTAL!!! Bring on the long skirts for THIS GIRL!!! PrEach Anali...PREEEEAAAACH!!! LOL

  4. Hanna: that's if you can find any that fit... if you know what I mean. :D heh heh I love you!

    Jen: Not only can the world spot us from a mile away, but that is how our God see's us! Oh and my favorite part is when little kids stare you up and down. haha!

    Mary: Amen ;)


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