On Course 2012

Oh what a blessing it was! I didn't think that I would be able to go this year since I was blessed with a new job and all, but God opened doors!

I had a blast I have to say, I was also able to relax a bit since Hanna didn't drive there.. ahem. lol
Sooo, I kind of don't have a camera... so I attempted to draw.... ATTEMPTED, is the key word.

On Wednesday night I met Jen and Michelle, fellow Texan's! We had a little awkward moment, but if you would like to know what that "meow" moment was about, feel free to approach either of us. I tried my best to picture that in the picture above. Even Jen's "precious" conversations. HAHA.

It was also quite funny looking at people's expressions as they entered an Apostolic-invaded- In-N- Out.
The services were powerful! BUT, I'm short, so It was kind of hard to look at the preacher half of the time, oh well.

I would have drawn more but I didn't remember, and I didn't want to injure my fellow reader's eyes anymore than this.

I also met, or re-met, Kim from Fresno. Nice to meet ya by the way, of course she saw my name on Mary Ginty's blog. At this point, I figure everybody and their mother knows her. If you don't... You SHOULD lol.

She just makes me LOL... LOL.

Anyway, I also found out that I can't tell Chloe and Eliana apart after 2:00Am, and according to Eliana 1 plus 4 is 7.... Oh and apparently everything is "big" in Texas? Guess I'll have to go see one day.

Okay that is all. Goodnight!


  1. These are the most funny, creative conference pics ever! I would even say that they are "precious" ;) haha!

    Lol again at 1+4=7 hahahaha! This was a funny On Course!

  2. Precious.... really? REALLY? Go AWAY Hanna. lol

  3. HYSTERICAL!! OMW I LOVE IT (hence my all-caps)!!

    yes, I have traveled this great nation extensively and concluded that everything is Indeed bigger in the lone star state (aka TX!).


    1. AHAHAHA!!!! I love the pics!!! ANNNND...I loooooove the fact that I managed to get mentioned in this On Course Post when I was wasn't even there!!! LOLOL!!! Makes me feel like I was there in Spirit!!! YAAAAAY!!!!

  4. I love the pics!! Especially all the crooked bun hairdos! On Course was a lot of fun! Love you girlie (Even though you really can't remember who I am! lol)

    Chlo :)

  5. Jen: Well, then again, it doesn't take much for something to be bigger in my eyes... I'm not very tall. lol
    Mary: I knkow right? That is kind of funny, you're just that popular ;)
    Chloee: You are who? haha JK! And I tried my best at my drawings. At least I know your birthday by heart since that little incident! It's November 1! ... right? lol


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