I Have Some Random Pictures on My Computer

Here are some random pictures I found on my computer. Just because I have zero new pictures!
LOL at COCO! This was taken in 2010! Reminds me, I have a picture of Hanna in a shopping cart SOMEWHERE on my computer. Hmmm.
Speaking of Hanna. This picture was taken when she was looking for her sun glasses in the water. She found them! and then she lost them again..lol
 West Coast Conference 2009

Just in case any of you are interested in what your nephrons look like. 

So it's official. Diana proved to me on October 14, 2010 that she is the worst person to have over your house when you are sick!

Can I get an amen?

This is so cute.. today I taught my nephew how to walk like a penguin.  :D
No.. I am so not staring at a painting on the wall.. ahem.


I miss Chabot and the Puentistas!!!!

Kaleo! :)

Yeah so um.. Never leave your motorcycle untended or else it will end up looking like this.. 

Heh heh..

My Puente body guards!

Oh how I love this lovely lady!

Self explanatory... I hope. But seriously, one of us have to blog about what happened that day.... hahahahahaha

Tyson when he was just a little puppy!!! Awe.


  1. Glad to see you UPDATED!!! ;) I think YOU should blog about the Mexican Mafia thing!!! LOL!

  2. ;)

    And well, that day had to do with somebody reading to us... I guess I'll end up blogging about it since Jen and Hanna didn't.

  3. HAHAHA!! No!, We should declare it confidential UNLESS we start getting at least 5 comments for every post we write! haha. Ok, anyways lol funny pics. I was scared a really embarrassing pic of was gonna be on there btw lol.

  4. LOL but it was FUNNY!!
    and what embarrassing pic? I honestly have NO ideas what you are talking about..lol


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