Dear Mary Frances, It's official..

I have the week of July 16th off from my jobs!!!
Which means that by Faith I shall see you in July! I am warning you though, the heat of Arizona may make me start smelling like carne asada. HAHA.

Just an FYI


Oh and I just got a second job so I'll actually be able to afford it. That's important too right?


  1. waitwaitwait.

    you're going to Arizona OR Colorado for Heritage????

    (p.s. - carne asada smells wonderful)

  2. haha @ the Carne asada comment! But, BOTH!
    The plan is 2 days in Arizona and then the rest of the days in Colorado :D !!

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I'm sooooooo EXCITED!!! We gonna make an AZ Hottie outta you girrrrl!!! AND I LOVE CARNE ASADA!!!! Sooo its ALL good!!! HAHA!!! I LOVE SPANISH RICE TOO...hint, hint!!! ;) Where all are you workin now?!?!?!

  4. Also, I am soooooooo HONORED that I had a WHOLE blog post dedicated to ME!!! ME! ME!!!!!!!!!

  5. I thought making a post out of it would be better than just texting you or emailing you! AZ hottie?! I rather be cool CA gal' than an AZ hottie..heh heh.

    I just got hired as interpreter for another company. So now I have two well paying interpreting jobs. Sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. I'll get maybe 5 appointments on a good week. Which is why I got another job.


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