Chican@/Latino Recognition Night

Today I attended a Chican@/Latino recognition night and to my surprise I received two scholarships. I thought I was only receiving a small scholarship, but the Puente faculty decided to keep the bigger one a secret from me! I can't complain though, I am very very pleased with this!
My mom and nephew came to show some support, the event was short and simple. Ms. Genera spoke on how we are the future and how they understand the struggles that one goes through being first in your family to go to college. Either way I am proud to be a puentista and proud that I am transferring and going to become a nurse! (Watch out ya'll ! Better treat me nice because I may be at your bedside one day!). Another perk of being a Puente student is that I get this awesome sash thingy!  :)

Oh and If you don't know what Puente is I'll have to write a post about this amazing program another time. But in the mean time you can click here and here to get a glimpse into how much of my life Puente has been involved for in the past 2 years-ish.

Si se puede!
My lovely mother and I

 Maggie, Daniel and me.

"Momma Pat", "Tia Phili" and Maggie and I.
One with Ms. Genera!!
My nephew was quite infatuated with Maggie's baby. He wanted to take her home. lol

Annnnd. One more :)


  1. hey for some reason i can view your comments you leave on my blog thru my phone but they dont show up on my computer!? I cant figure it out..

  2. Thanks Jen!

    Rubigo: I'm sorry you're having technical difficulties. lol At least you know I comment :p


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