Future Worship Leader

I finally figured out how to upload a video from my phone. Okay, so basically yesterday David told my mom that he wanted to sing. So my mom brought him into my room but he wasn't really doing anything. He then kicked my mom out of my room, so I gave her my phone to record. He was SO into "playing" the piano that he didn't even notice my mom's presence. He was even telling me when to switch songs and everything! Yeah, I guess he was cute for once. LOL.

But like I mentioned yesterday, I thank God that he is absorbing this stuff at church.


  1. Is that you playing ans singing!?

  2. OMW!! He IS a worship leader already! Haha! And beautiful voice btw.

  3. Hey that's some good Sounding music :) -joe-

  4. Ash: yes ma'am!
    Hanna: if he's a worship leader already he needs ti check his attitide! LOL and thnks kindred!


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