Happy Birthday Mamita Chula!


Thank God for mothers!!! Especially one like mine. Let me tell you, my mother is a mother who will sit you down and tell you when you are gaining weight, she will tell you to stop wearing big clothes (haha), AND I can even tell her when I think a guy is cute (I always tell her to invite them to church, but she says it's my job). This woman is one of the nicest people you will meet, but even though she is sweet she got jokes! (She's hovering over my shoulder RIGHT NOW lol ) I am fortunate to have a wonderful wonderful relationships with my mother. Not many people have that so I am thankful. I enjoy having coffee, breakfast and going shopping with her :)

 Today was her ___ birthday. I WAS going to bring her breakfast in bed but she went to SF with my aunts. So I gave her my gift when she got home. Which is the picture below.
It's a coupon for Peet's coffee and for a breakfast at Panera. When I was in the shower I told her that her gift was in my room. All of a sudden I hear her start cracking up. Haha

And of course we went out to eat. This little booger ate SOOO many sweets. The birthday girl also spilled soda all over the table

Later on after some time with Hanna and Coco I came home and my little nephew David wanted to sing, but didn't want my mom to be in the room. I sneaked my mom my phone though. It was the cutest thing! He can be cute when he actually likes me. 
Future pianist/worship leader! Hopefully he'll be better than his Tia though! I thank God that my mom and I are able to bring him to church with us, because instead of learning even MORE trash from the world, he is learning things like church songs :)

I tried uploading a video from my phone but it isn't working :(


  1. Awesome gift idea, the best part is the expiration date. Ill have to remember that one.
    -Joe- or as you might know me -Mary's friend Joe mamma-

  2. I forgot to write on there that it's for just her and me.Hopefully my grandpa doesn't catch on to that. haha! and originality is always best!
    Thanks for commenting, comment more often señor Joe :)


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