Introducing The Rambling Gal- AKA Carisa

I want to introduce to you all my dearest friend and new blogger Carisa! She is an intelligent, ambitious, STRONG woman. A while back she started "Love Caps 4 Cancer" in honor of her father who passed away a couple years ago and blogged about it (Click HERE to go to the blog), and now she decided to start a personal blog.

She is an individual who I truly enjoy talking about life with, especially life lessons! 
Who knows, maybe in the future we will do posts together about crafts :)
For now though, why don't you click HERE to read her first introductory post.
Carisa and I  ♥


  1. We are definitely due for a new picture! ;) Thanks for introducing me!

  2. Carisa, we really are. We never take pictures together.
    I know when!
    CAMP!!!! You me and Crusty, I mean, Christy :)lol

    1. LOL! Yes, this needs to happen! I am gunna miss you. ;)

  3. Welcome!! i have another blog to read!!! haha...since im not a faithful blogger haha...


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