Lighthouse Christian Academy Award's Night

Yesterday was awards night at Lighthouse Christian Academy! I felt like such a proud momma because all of the kids from the Spanish service got some type of award. Mostly for good grades. Plus, I didn't know that one of the little girls (Maria) from my church could sing like she did! I was impressed :)
Here is Maria singing her little heart out. She did a GREAT job...that is until one of the kindergarteners interrupted the song because he had to go to the bathroom. LOL That was the best ending to a song EVER! His mom had to go get him off the "stage"  .
 Israel graduated Pre-K and is going to be a kindergartener now. I have always though that he looked like precious moments baby. See the similarities?

Israel and I. I don't know why he made that face!! Maybe because I'm always chasing him down at church to kiss his little cheeks  ^___^
But he smiled with his parents. HAHA
Ashley and I. This young woman right hurr is excelling academically.
Jackie (AKA my monkey) and Sarai. They always take good pictures together.

Me, my monkey and my new soloist, I mean, Maria. 

So that was yesterday, and today I found something amazing....

Look at this HUGE CONCHA!!! Bread anyone??
Guess you might not think this is amazing unless you know what a normal concha looks like. Haha


  1. Wow,thats cool where did you find that concha!!!!!

  2. You're Mexican right? Shouldn't you automatically know it was at a pulga aka flea market? Haha jk jk

  3. Yea true true:) I thought it was at the panaderia, but now that you mention that now I see all the treasures for sale in the background:)

  4. Joe: okay, guess your not a disgrace to Mexicans after all lol!

    Emily: I will

  5. Mary: have you ever had one? If not you definitely should :)

  6. Anali, I don't think I have!!! I think you should bring me one when you come here!!! :)

  7. I may just bring you one, OR we can have an adventure and look for a panaderia (bakery):D


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