My Craftiness Comes Out At Night!

I'm SO excited about what I did with an old sweater that I couldn't wait until tomorrow to blog about it! Of course it's not anywhere NEAR perfect but I am still proud of myself regardless.
I had an old navy-blue hooded sweater that I never used. I cut off the hood and made the sleeves shorter. Added ruffles to the sleeves and decorated the front!

Take a look.

(I'm in love with my sleeves!)

I have decided that in order to keep myself occupied during this long summer I will start making crafts again. Not sure what, but I have some things in mind. Next thing I "decorate" I will put up a tutorial or something.



  1. You're so crafty! Haha I like it! So you feel free to make me one! lol

  2. Good Job!!! lol
    @jen: LOLOL!!! that made me laugh!!

  3. Jen, I have no more old clothes to decorate lol
    Cassy, thanks!

  4. OMW! ANALI!!! Thats soooo cute!!! Love the bright colors and you look really pretty in it!!! :)

  5. Btw- we still gotta catch up!!! LOL

  6. Thanks Mary! And yes we do, Hanna said something the other day about how your life is crazy and i'm like "don't tell ne anything! I want to hear it from her!" Lol

  7. Hee, hee!!! My life IS pretty cRaZy!!! :)


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