Pacific Coast Camp 2012 Part 1.

 Oh man! PCC was such a blessing! I wasn't even going to attend but God opened the doors for me to go and I went. Elder Lambeth and Elder Kerr preached amazing LIFE CHANGING messages. We killed the white man, loved the colored people, learned about hot dog distractions and more! LOL Being away from home for a week in a little Apostolic community was like a breath of fresh air.

In order to actually get to PCC we left at 4:00AM Monday morning, which means that I got less than 2 hours of sleep -____-  but who cares! The few ours of sleep and the tan line I have on my nose is SO worth it! LOL

Here are some pictures, and there will be more to come!
 The car was SUPER packed. You could barely see Ashley's head.
 Eaaaaarly morning.
Break time!
Finally at the fair grounds!

That's my Kindred!

 Hanna and her hamburger distractions...

 Okay so every morning Brother Green would announce he "cleanest" area from the guys and girls dorms. Elder Lambeth said he didn't understand how they won and that their area looked like a war zone. He said that he was going to start charging for tours. He actually took a picture of the area and posted it on his "mobile pulpit" ahahahahahah he was SO funny!

 Elias throwing up gang signs
 Elias throwing up gang signs again and saying "ladies, I can do this all day"  I think he actually said that? LOL
 Team 5!

 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots....
 Those shoes were a TAD BIT too big for her. So cute.

Take 1

 My Ethiopian siblings!
 Eugene taking a picture of himself.

 Mikey showing his weird stretching abilities.
 Crusty, I mean Christy and I! It really really really really made my week being able to see you again Christy!!!!!! Even if you were um, distracted haha.

 It was getting late..

 Really late..
 Really really late..

 The DeAro sisters!

 She's so cute, I just noticed I didn't take a picture with her mommy. Sorry Rubigo!

To be continued...


  1. Lol i forgive you;) It was great seeing you!

  2. What FUN memories!! I love the hamburger distraction picture! LOL And Elias was throwing gang signs? Lord have mercy! He must have been eating hot dogs and got off track some where along the way...

    I'll look forward to part two, hopefully with no embarrassing pictures of me being tired. lol

  3. Girl, it was so good seeing you! I can't wait till Heritage! I'm waiting for the sandwich pic! ;-)

  4. Rubigo: thank you for your forgiveness!
    Jen: there is no embarrassing pictures of you, just of me with a basketball lol
    Denae: I cannot WAIT for Heritage! These trips make my summer worth it. I'm saving that picture so i can put it with my stephanie picture! Stay tuned!

  5. Okay everyone...This is a nice blog! follow it.

    This is incredibly funny to admit but the 4 fingers were for team 4. I was actually team 5 tho! haha maybe I was a little fatigued and forgot my own team number. I too have hamburger distraction, I dealt with it everyday at camp. lol

    It was good seeing so many blessed by this camp!


  6. It was an awesome camp! I love living in an "Apostolic community." My husband and I have been going to youth camps for almost 40 years now (gulp!) and I always come home blessed and exhausted ;)

    Your Kindreds both sang great! Can I schedule a Kindreds Trio next year???

  7. Elias: you're a traders!! Therefore its a gang sign! Lol

    Sis McElhaney: I would gave never guessed you've been going for over 40 years!
    As far as the kindred special, I'm sure you can schedule us. Just let us know as the time gets closer. Maybe we can sing in English, Spanish and Ethiopian ;)

  8. @ Anali

    Lol! Can't believe I got the team number wrong. Anyway you can edit the picture and add a finger? haha

  9. LOL, nice post! Funny and mean ("crusty"?! how could you?!) haha lol.


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