Pacific Coast Camp 2012 Part 2

Seaweed jump rope anybody?

Rachel and I. I LOVE her hair!!

Nap time for Nicole LOL


It's hard not to crack up when trying to take a picture on a car that is backing up.. haha
Nicole on her imaginary bike.

Okay sooooo on this night I was really really really myself. Cassia was attempting to teach me how to shoot a basketball and um.. well yeah. haha!

When Cassia attacks...


I DARE you to mess with us bruh!!... heh heh

This brat named Isaac 

"Nick, take a picture of us"
Then Nick takes a picture of himself

Nick- "Okay I will I will"

Then he takes another picture of himself.... 

My point of view.

Okay, so I was on the hunt to take pictures with the ladies who had the same name. Unfortunately I didn't get all the pictures I wanted, but I got these :)  

I know I'm a little odd at times ahaha

Denae Sandwich!!!!

 and a ...
Stephanie double sandwich!!!! 
The Stephanies are the bread by the way! I was going to name it a double-double, but then I noticed it made no sense since that would be bun,meat,meat,bun. So I guess the double-double will be with two girls who have the same name on the inside, and two other girls with the same name on the outside. Obviously I wont be in the picture since I haven't met anybody with my name. haha!
 It was super nice meeting all three of you! Thank you to the Stephanie in the middle for being such a good sport. I literally met her like three minutes before this picture was taken, the other Stephanie that I didn't get to meet was sleeping :(

 Oh and Elias, here is a picture with the CORRECT team sign on your hand. Tears wont fix everything though, which is why I think your hand looks a little weird.



  1. Omwooord HAHAHAHA!! Funniest PCC pics and captions so far! lol. I was thinking, those pic's with Coco's pants rolled up at the beach..."high-watering"...haha, never has it been so appropriate haha

  2. Now were talking!! Team 5. haha


  3. Heyyy! Isn't that our mall!? In Santa Clarita!!?:)

  4. Looks like lots of fun, cant wait till heritage:)

  5. ^ Your right Ash, totally missed that! lol

    What happened to your blog? and did you get a chance to forward Sierra the link to mine?


  6. Hanna: I'm not a pro at offending people so I didn't think about that!
    Ash: I have Noooo idea where that was! It was huge and nice though. I didnt get a pic with you!
    Elias: you like your hand? And what is this? "Have a convo on Anali's blog" or what?!! Lol jk
    Joe: you look like you're a Mexican hunter in your picture lol! And it WAS FUN. can't wait til Heritage either, but I hear there are firer!es and stuff so I hope I don't die! :0

    1. You bet, I was hunting down la chupacabra LOL :), I heard about the fires too hopefully they get it under control soon or else the scenery is gonna be burnt. O and I sure hope you don't die either LOL that would not be good at all

    2. I thought it was EL chupacabra no LA chupacabra? Thought it was male? I mean, anything evil and weird HAS to be male! hahaha JK JK :D

    3. LOL maybe but I heard the female is more dangerous and scary JK :)

  7. @ Anali,

    We were just excited because that's our local mall :)Glad you liked it! My hand looked great. lol!

  8. Anali,
    Yes we did! Lol Hanna, You, and Me Friday night lol

    1. We did? LOL when? Oh man, Friday night was a LOOOOONG night haha. Email it to me if you have it! :)


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