Rock, Paper, Scissors and Mary's Cookies

Okay first of all, am I the only one that can't spell scissors without the help of some type of word check? 

Anyway, this week was full of GOOD PREACHING at Growth Without Compromise, and fun-funny fellowship!  Also my friend came to two of the services and prayed very very well, she almost got the Holy Ghost and will be coming to my service on Saturday, so say a quick prayer for her will ya?

Okay onto the rock, paper, scizzers, scisers, scissors thing (lol). On Friday I wanted to fellowship even though I hadn't been able to attend the service, Hanna told me it was a good idea since Mary Ginty had sent something in the mail for us kindred's (Hanna, Jen and I) and could only be opened when we were together.

So I was like SUPER excited because I like surprises and especially packages that come in the mail! So here we are, Friday night at like 11:30ish opening a package (Hanna has all the pictures) and then we pull out three key chains. A rock, paper and scissors for the kindred's! Miss Mary said that we should think about which piece we would pick and how it fits us and then blog about it, but I had gone straight for the rock before I had read the note. LOL.

Hanna and Bro.Kifle said that the rock was for me because I'm hard headed O__O
Abel said that I chose the rock because I'm dense  O_______O !
Those Kifle's I tell ya, they have something against me :P

But in all honesty, I just chose the rock because it was weird, unique and funny. Kind of like me! Bahahahaha! I can now say I have a pet rock :)

Introducing ROCKY!! Isn't he cute?

 I tried taking a funny picture with my rock, but it just looks like I'm smelling it. It's quite hard to take a picture using only one hand with an Android, but my huge hands can handle it :p

Along with the key chains Mary sent some cookies so Hanna and I would  be encouraged to eat her food when we go to Arizona... I have to admit, they were yummy. That was the first time I ate a strawberry cookie!

One more thing:

"The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold" 

Psalm 18:2



  1. Awwwwwwww I feel soooo SPECIAL!!! I am glad you girls liked that ANNNNND I'm glad you aproved of my cookies!!! As I was sending them I thought, OH MAN! I hope they don't get stale or something on me and then they will be like OH YES Mary IS A BAD COOK!!! LOL

  2. Jen: Isn't he?? LOL He's a good listener, never interrupts :p

    Mary: LOL Hanna put them in the fridge, I was kind of skeptical at first because I knew you went to camp. I didn't know how old they were! LOL.

    I hope you don't just feed us cookies when we are out there :O

  3. Rocky is perfect for you! lol I have to give my scissors a name and I still have to make my post explaining why I chose the scissors. Mind you, it's very shallow. Haha! And yes, Mary, you're cookies were awesome!!

  4. Oooo so MARY, you should bring some cookies to Heritage! *wink wink*

    Wonder what hotel you folks will be staying at?!?

  5. @Jen - we're staying at the Holiday Inn Express!!! And ooooo YES, I should bring you some COOOKIES!!! Can't wait to ACTUALLY MEET YOU!!!!

    @ Jen- Thanks for likeing my cookies and I can't wait to read your post about the scissors!!! Maybe you Kindreds can get Hanna to ACTUALLY UPDATE TOO!!!

  6. Kindred: You can name it.... edgy? lol!

    Jen: I think she should and Hanna and I can help bake them! But I prefer decorating them, I've never been too much of a baker. Hanna can actually make some GOOD chocolate chip cookies!

  7. Mary: Hanna is a lost cause! LOL I told her yesterday I think, about the fact that she should blog about it.

  8. Finally!! Yayyyyy!!

    If ya'll are Really bringing cookies, I can bring some too. LOLOL! HERITAGE COOKIE EXCHANGE!

    We'll be at the Super 8 near the H.I. Express :)

  9. This is hilarious! See, look how deprived we all would have been if I hadn't convinced you to keep your blog!! ...Speaking of that, I'll be updating tonight. There. I gave my word so now I HAVE to do it. lol.

  10. My my Hanna! You didn't keep your word.. lol and my blog isn't that entertaining . Really. Hahah


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