To My Kindred's, Hanna and Jen

This post is dedicated to my dearest Kindred's. Although PCC was a blessing, I felt it in my heart to write a post on my Kindred's before I did one on camp. You know, I've always thought that if you have at least one good friend in life you are doing pretty good, but if you have two, Wooooh-weee! (LOL I just HAD TO) what a blessing! and that is exactly what these two beautiful young ladies have been in my life, a blessing. 
Although I had always been thankful for them, at camp I was really really really really thankful. I noticed how blessed I was after one particular service when we were still praying, after the music, after the altar call, after everything. I am thankful that I have two friends that will pray with me in an instant if I ask, friends that are hungry for God, friends who are Jen and Hanna.

Hanna, my Ethiopian sister, you were brought into my life when I needed  you, when I had let go of all the other "friends", when I made my stand, and I am thankful for that. Your wisdom, intelligence, discreetness (unless we are talking about your facial expressions! LOL) and subtle nature is much appreciated and does not go unnoticed. I love you so much Hanna! But just because I love you doesn't mean I wont love you more if you make me cookies :)

But seriously you are a great example of what a Christian young lady should be like, and you AND your family have been such a blessing in my life. Our fellowship has done more in my life than what you may think! Te quiero mucho, pero porfavor aprende español. Gracias. jaja.

Jen! It's crazy how you were brought BACK into my life. I met you when I was 15 yet we somehow "floated" into the good friend zone. You are perceptive, sympathetic, compassionate, loving and funny. If I could describe you in one word it would be Visionary. Your burden for the lost and sensitivity to God truly amaze me. 

You are a reminder to me that there are other young people who see more than what meets the eye, you are somebody that I can talk to about the Burden of the Valley of Vision (I didn't know how else to explain my connection with you than with that old blog post. lol).

I am truly thankful for you and your prayers. Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Sometimes I sit back and think "Who am I to be in company with such great people?". I mean these ladies are Pastor's daughters, they grew up in this (I hear Hanna's voice in my head "that doesn't mean anything")! and I, well, didn't. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT putting myself down, I am just stating the fact that I feel privileged and blessed that God decided to put them in my life.

Being around these two amazing ladies throughout the years has served as a push in the things of God when I needed the push. They serve as reminders of what young ON FIRE FOR GOD young people should be like. 

Kindred's, I just wanted to say that I love you and that I am thankful for your friendship  (although I keep saying this over and over in this post) and for you just being YOU. I hope you both stay in California forever and that Hanna doesn't go to Brazil so we never get separated HAHA!


  1. ANALI! I was totally not expecting this. What a sweet and thoughtful post. Hanna and I could say the very same about you, my dear. You have been such a great friend, so thoughtful and very supportive. Thank you for the times you've listened to me ramble. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you. Thanks for praying with me in the altar! I LOVE YOU!!

  2. O my! I wasn't expecting this at all!! Which makes it all the more nicer ;D

    Anali, thank you for your words! AND remember, you are a DIRECT answer to prayer in my life!

    I ♥ you and FINE, I will make you cookies...after you deliver those tacos heehee, I haven't forgot!

    And I'll learn Spanish eventually. I don't see the point anymore though, when YOU can be my personal interpreter!

  3. Finally Hanna! Lol and we can have a tacos cookie party! Love u


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