Classic Mary Moments...No, really, CLASSIC

I'm in Arizona!!! WITH MARY!! YAY YAY !! Man, it's been SUCH an adventure these past few days. I was going to blog on Tuesday but I figured I would probably have too much to blog about so here I am :)
Okay well first of all Mary broke her famous heart shaped glasses while she was running in slow motion to hug me at the airport and THEN the airport sent my luggage to Houston Texas. Yup, HOUSTON TEXAS!!!!! So I'm not going to lie, I was worried for most of the day but it's impossible to be anywhere near SAD when you are with Mary. She even greeted us with iced coffee! and then on day 1 was when Classic Mary Moment number 1 occurred.

CMM #1: Mary was backing up.. and then she kept backing up and she kept backing up... and then BAM..She could no longer back up because a parked car had stopped her. It was her future sister in law's car though so Mary thought it was "okay" lol. Basically Hanna and I were cracking up on how true her comments about her driving were!!! hahahahahhaha I still kind of laugh when I think about it. 

It was so bad that I asked Hanna to drive, and that's like WHOA! Because Hanna's driving, is well, um fearless. Not in a good way.. LOL Love ya Hanna!!! I just didn't drive because I like to be driven around. 
This is the famous computer where Mary writes  her blog posts!! 
 Click  HERE  to go to Mary's blog and read her side of day 1.

Day 2

We got to go to church with Mary. I really enjoyed church and the fellowship. Everybody in her church is so welcoming and nice! I met Shere :)

aaaand I met Jacqueline in the flesh :) Our driver for Heritage!!

 The Caramel Sistas!!
The one and only Mary and I!! Oh yeah, my new dress that I had to buy since I had no clothes for church!!! Not complaining ;)

 Mary being officially CHOCOLATE!!! ahahahah!!
Mary wore all her gifts from me :)

MJ and us!!!!

Hanna's gift to Mary!! She loved her purse from Ethiopia 

 I finally got my luggage!!!!! I wasn't actually kissing by the way, but I was VERY VERY happy to get a hold of it!

Hanna driving with pillows behind her since the seat wont go forward. ahah

Pretty cloud!

Okay guys. listen up MARY CAN COOOOOOK!!! So good that Hanna and I didn't want to buy food after church, we just wanted her leftovers! 

Mary holding Deedee. She was so cute. She wouldn't let go of me during church and kept putting her face on mine. She even grabbed my hand and put her hand in mine... awww. She really touched me, reminded me how important it is to show love to those who don't have it...

Arizona... it's dry... with cactus... and it's hot... lol


This is Arizona's ghetto.. now you all go google Oakland ghetto. Now, isn't Arizona's ghetto so much cleaner and nicer than Oakland's ghetto?!!! LOL

Oh and
CMM #2: So Mary was making some delicious tacos, and she was going to fry the tortilla... well she didn't actually turn ON the stove. She didn't notice that it was off, and when she noticed she said "Oh, that's why it isn't frying"

CMM# 3 : One of the van doors wasn't working so I kept going in through the front. Then MJ opened the OTHER van door. Mary forgot that there was another WORKING van door... LOL

Basically I am having a blast except for the heat :) Today I went swimming too!!! Heritage is almost here :) yay yay yay!!! Make sure you check Mary's blog for updates since her posts are much more entertaining than mine.


  1. I look sooooooo bad in all these pics...its humbling for me to see pics of myself taken by others than myself...LOL! ;)

  2. Also, i'm very honored that a REAL Mexican LOVES my tacos...ESPECAILLY HONEST ANALI!!!

  3. I was going to say that it's weird to see Mary NOT taking self-portraits! LOL! And you do NOT look bad! You look so pretty!

  4. OH, and GOD BLESS you, dear Anali. I kid you not, it's one of my biggest FEARS for them to misdirect my bag while I'm on my way to a conference. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!

  5. Mary : you're right in front of me! Awesome!!

    Jen: I nearly started crying when I found they had shipped it to Texas! Oh well though its all over . Lol
    And Mary already got a hold of hannas camera, there's some self pictures of her on there. I just have my phone so she can't just take self pictures lol

  6. I am so glad you guys are having a blast!!! I can't wait till you girls get back and we can squeez in a girls day and you guys can tell me all about your trip!!! =D

  7. I LOVE the CMM's!!!!! Sooooo hilarious! Mary, I need to come visit you!!


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