Classic Mary Moments...No, really, CLASSIC P2.

 Day 3!! OH MY WORD! Mary made us the BEST biscuits and gravy this morning! AMAZING!
 Aaaand then Hanna went back to bed after the food. ahah
"On our way" to the grand canyon
 I felt like I looked really Native American so I felt at home at Montezuma Castle
 Originally, it was just a little detour.

 but then the van didn't turn on..... you know, the van that we are taking to Heritage... No worries we ARE getting there! haha

 CMM #4:  Well, we went to the mall and Mary was just casually walking by and threw her starbuck cup into the garbage can, or at least tried. She had to go back and actually throw it in.
 Jacqueline with her puppet on her iPad... true puppet master here!!

Hanna was looking so cute and Ethiopian today! I had ALWAYS wanted Hanna to wear her hair like this, but my wish was never granted until today. Good thing she listened to us because God used her hair! If you would like to read about it click HERE to go to Mary's Blog.

 Then we went to an Ethiopian restaurant for Mary's birthday.... and for mine.... My birthday is in December. Lol Hanna's treat!

 Mary loved it!!
 CMM #5: She loved it so much that she wanted some of it all over her new Ethiopian purse!! see the stains?

The famous Phlecher! If you don't know who he is, just look at Mary's blog

Deedee and I again. She is sooooooo cute!!! She loved me and I loved her!!!

CMM #5:A car totally backed up into us at the mall! It wasn't Mary's fault THIS time, but it was still a classic moment! They didn't know what to do, and when Mary got out of the car they sped off!! RUDE!!!
The van was fine though

Can anybody see what I took a picture of?


  1. Great Pics!!

    OMW. Ya'll better not break down on the way to CO! If it happens in the NM/CO area, we can swing by and pick you gals up!

  2. Oh and that pic is of a lizard LOL

  3. Thanks Jen! I can travel in peace now !!!!

  4. Ooooo please tell hannah i said I LOVE her hair like that!!! :)


  5. I did! Make sure you head over to Mary's blog to read more about it!

  6. haha!! this seems like so much fun!!

    1. The famous Kendra! You were quite a hot topic in our conversation in Hanna's hair and then at Heritage with Jaynes hair :)


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