Heritage 2012 - Extra Commentary

Okay everybody, I was reading Mary's post on Heritage and I was LOLing because of all the memories that are in my head (That sound pretty weird huh?) so I just wanted to write one more post on Heritage explaining a few things.

1. The "That's so ethnic" phrase
 Okay well, what had happened waaaaas, that on Wednesday night Jayne wore this totally cute outfit that I thought looked African. But of course I didn't say "Jayne you look cute and African" so I said "Jayne you look so ethnic"  and since then everybody started cracking up and using that.
Well on Wednesday or Thursday night, Jayne come out with a scarf on her head and points to Hanna who also has a scarf on her head and says "Anali, do we look ethnic?". So I start laughing, and if that wasn't enough Hanna pulls out a plastic bag and starts putting it on her head because she forgot a shower cap.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAH (I'm literally smiling right now and am giggling a bit as I write this).
I started rollin'!!! Now that was SUPER ETHNIC (aka Ghetto) !! And the next day when I was trying to tell the story I couldn't stop laughing again! LOL.

2. "No, no, no, no"
 Well that song, that says  "Nobody like Jesus, no, no no no" became our theme song before church. Jedidah Hanna and I were jammin' to it and even coordinated moves to it. Mary actually got a picture of us. The funny part was that at one point there was a red truck behind us, when I looked back they were laughing at us and gave us a thumbs up. At the red light they did the same thing! hahaha

3. "Chick-A-Fil"
 To clear things up, Hanna and I did NOT like Chick-Fil-A, their chicken tasted like pickles. LOL. Sooo I kind of accidentally messed up the name and called it "Chick-A-Fil".

4. My Kindred Jen was there in the spirit.
If you guys don't know Hanna Jen and I are Kindred spirits, AKA Kindred's. Well Jen kept sending us some random funny stuff that made us laugh during the trip, which included

and on our way to Heritage sends a scripture to Mary that said she will catch a man or something.
When I told her we all received that word, she texted me back saying
So I was cracking up, and I'm not going to comment on that Jen.. ahem. LOL!!

5. Mary's Cooking
Okay, Mary wanted me to blog about this so I am. Hanna and I have already mentioned that Mary is a REALLY GOOD COOK, but we didn't mentioned it's healthy! I felt that I had gained weight since we were eating biscuits and gravy at like 12AM. But guess what? I lost between 2-3 pounds last week!!!

WOW! I guess the food is good and healthy. Plus swimming for three days straight also helped.

:) Can't wait until next year!


  1. You forgot the Sha-nay-nay trap joke and Jedidah's matter of face resoponse!!! Bahahaha!!! Maybe I'll do a post about that!!!

  2. OMW I just now saw that juan part of the joke...bahahaha...LOLOL!! I'm such a weeeeelll you know...LOL!!! You forgot the white trash jokes!!!

  3. Well I was going to put a picture of the Sha-nay-nay trap but I don't think Jen would want me to. I thought the ones I mentioned were safer. :)

  4. Aww I made it to your post! Whoo hoo....even though I wasn't there! :( Hopefully next year, kindred! Love you!!

    1. That would be SO cool if you went next year. The trip would be complete! Love you too! Even if you embarrass me ;) haha

  5. I am a DIE HARD Chick Fil-A fan and yeah, I don't eat the sandwiches there because of the pickle taste so you two are excused in not liking it!

    P.S. Ya shoulda gotten the nuggets! ;)

    1. Will you believe I had a dream I went to chick-fil-a last night? Lol, guess I'm not quite over this trip. Lol! We shall take suggestions next time!

    2. I believe the Lord was speaking to you, Anali.

  6. cRaZy cuz we went to Chick-a-Fil today for lunch!!! May I make the SUGGESTION of ordering a sandwhich with NO PICKLES??? LOL


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