The Bible Was Written By a Fat Guy With a Wig - Part 2

If you have absolutely no idea what my title is about please click HERE to read part 1. That will explain the title and help you understand that I have not lost my mind (lol). It has taken me forever to write part 2 but here it is!

#6 Makeup   
*Note: I actually don't really get this question, it's rare but here it is anyway
Q: Why don't you wear makeup
A: Well, God made me, why would I try to alter anything? It is also a blessing NOT to be tied down to anything like makeup. I know that you know people out there who will NOT go out without makeup and feel very ugly without it. I personally do not need it nor do I need anything that will make me uneasy in my own skin if that makes sense? How are you supposed to learn to love yourself if you always add something fake to yourself?

#7 Worldly Music 
Q: Why do you listen to Christian Music?
A: The same reason I don't watch TV basically. The topics that are sung about in other music are ungodly topics such as sex, violence and even a superficial-materialistic life. Music also has to do with where your mindset is at, and if I want to have my mind on Christ at all times music about Hollywood isn't exactly going to help. It also helps in just having a positive mind in general. Don't get me wrong (I always say this) not all non-Christian music out there is BAD, but I just don't have the time an patience to personally pick songs that I feel okay listening to.

#8 Dating
Q: You use chaperones? Really? Why?
A: It is a way to make sure that temptation isn't as uh... as tempting. Aside for the purity aspect, it really guards peoples minds from thinking badly about somebody. You aren't going to think the same about a couple with a chaperone versus a couple without one, if that makes sense? Also, it's good for safety aspects too. I recently heard a story about a girl from a family members church who was a victim of domestic abuse IN A PARK, imagine what the poor girl went through when they were alone? 

#9 Preachers
Q: Whey do only men preach at your church?
A: I know that I am not the only young woman out there that has noticed the lack of manliness in some men now in days. If women were to preach there would be many many many men who wouldn't mind and would just sit there and watch it happen. They would probably lose lack of motivation to be the head of the house ect. I personally do not want to be the head of my future family, and although it may seem irrelevant, when men are taught in the church that they are to be the head of the house and the church it enforces this aspect in different parts of life. To me it is just a huge confusion when women try to lead e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, and on a personal level I do NOT want to lead everything. So I am completely content and happy men are called to preach and that women are their to help and look pretty.  (lol, okay not really haha)


I do not have OCD , but it's really bugging me that I don't have a #10....ugh.
I do want to say that at the time when I wrote part 1, I was at the University of San Francisco in an Ethics Philosophy class. In this class we argued two sides of various topics, and there was a topic in particular that I noticed I could not defend outside Biblical scriptures. This troubled me....for like 5 minutes (lol) until I came to the conclusion that it was completely okay to rely on the bible as proof for beliefs. Although it is nice to have a backup explanation when coming across hard headed individuals who don't think the bible is Gods word, it's enough to believe in the bible. It just is! It's just one of those things where you either believe, or you don't.


  1. I am a lady preacher and I take it as a personal offense that you would say its NOT right!!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Anali, I like, I like. Good stuff! See you Saturday!

    1. Thanks kindred! Can't wait to see you!

  3. Did you ah...pray...ah...about that rebuking first? Ah!!! Okaaaaaaaaay i'm not as good with the AHing as you and JEN!!! LOL!!!I'm jealous that you guys get see each other on Saturday...I wish we were just a lil drive away from each other!!!


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