Guilt and Condemnation

Is the Devil playing games with your mind? Sending condemnation your way? Yes?
Listen to "Overloaded With Goats" By Elder White from PCC 2008.

"You know why he devil doesn't want you to feel like you're forgiven? Oh hallelujah..Cuz he knows you're gonna ratchet up your way of lovin' Jesus. If you ever get a grip of how much he's forgiven you of"

Share this with somebody, anybody! Even if you aren't dealing with guilt or condemnation, it's an amazing message so listen to it!


  1. That's MY pastor preaching right there!!

    1. Be proud! You don't understand how on time that message was in my life that Friday night at PCC 2010.
      Thank God for Godly men who are sensitive to His spirit.

    2. I understand completely because I remember a message he preached at Senior Camp in 1987, four years before he was my pastor! It was just what I needed at that time.

      God knows exactly what we need to hear.

  2. I love that message! And I think that was from 2008, not 2010? Cause I wasn't there that year, :( But I do have the CD's and, my, awesome preaching! I love hearing Elder White preach!!

  3. Yes you are correct! I'm going to fix that right now. The funny part is that I wrote the date on the CD and still managed to get the dates wrong.


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