Jeremy's and Cassy's Wedding!

Tear tear, sniff sniff... yesterday was Jeremy's and Cassy's wedding. I still can't believe they are FINALLY married! I'm so happy for them. It's still weird to think they're married! LOL I guess because since I've known, they were dating/talking, and BAM now they are husband and wife. This wedding was the funniest wedding I have been to thus far. From the dramatic walk down the isle that Jeremy and Brother Rushing did, to the song Jeremy sang, to the kiss. lol Enjoy the pictures below. I have more but it would take too long to upload sooo yeah. Deal with it :)
Awe, when they first started dating.
When Jeremy sang Abel, Coco and brother (I forgot his name :/)  played. It was an ethnic band. heh heh.
When Cassy was about to enter the church, they covered the entrance with these huge fan looking things.
The kiss! Brother Rushing took a while to say "You may now kiss the bride" lol
And Jeremy wouldn't let Cassy go. As you can see she is trying to pull away. LOL. He even messed up her hair accessory, Angela had to try and fix it for her after they were done. haha!

The Reception
 The reception was at the park, and it was pretty chill. I enjoyed it! I just didn't enjoy helping them set up at 7:00 AM  :p
The girlies and I.
Sister Angela is so cute with her belly. She said she's only "cute" for three more weeks. haha

Sister Angela also made these cupcakes! and I finally got to see my Kindred!!
Hanna looked beautiful!!!! (Even though she always does)
I'm happy for her :D
Jeremy: "I can't find it", Cassy: "It's RIGHT HERE!!"

Yeah, I tried catching them when he had his arm around her. All I got was this.

They're silly. LOL
They picked him up and started dancing around with him. I tried to get another picture but my camera is slow and I got this instead. lol.
After they smeared cake all over each others face.
Gaah!! Finally finally finally finally Kindred time!
What you don't know is that we were all hiding food in our cheeks to take a decent picture.
I feel sorry for her. haha
They had a kid's mariachi and came in Charger's to the reception.
I was also joking about the mariachi telling everybody that if they had Mariachi for Cassy's wedding imagine MY wedding. My party favors are going to be tacos with a bow around them. haha!

Best wishes for Mr. and Mrs. Jeans, may God use them mightily!


  1. IS that a frog on the cupcakes??? How cute if so!!! I'm happy to see the kindreds all together again...EVEN IF it is to eat Hanna's dress!!! LOLOL Are the groomsmen all wearin barongs??? Thats what it looks like!!! My brothers wore those when they got oldest brother's was kinda lacey was soooo FUNNY...he was like, I NEVER THOUGHT I would look gay on my wedding day, but you'll do anything when your in love!!! HAHA!!! Annnnd yes HAnna does look very beautiful annnnd LOL About the "Ethnic" band!!! AHAHA!!!

    1. It's supposed to be a peacock. LOL. And yes the groomsmen were! I didn't know what they were called, but yes they were.
      and LOL about your brother.
      I also thought I looked ethnic with my dress. The girls from my church were telling me I looked like Pocahontas. haha

  2. Siiigghh! It was lovely. And hilarious!! So happy for them! And how cool are a bride and groom who call their friends to meet them at In N Out after their wedding! haha! That was fun, too! It was good to FINALLY see you and get a surprise "midweek pick me up kit" from you! lol That was soooo sweet!! Btw, I look very um, Greek in that close up picture. haha Love ya!

    1. Well what about a bride and groom who go to Starbucks after their wedding IN their wedding attire? Like Kaleo and Bryan, Happy 1 year to them :)

      And you are very welcome, I did it because I love you!
      And so that is what you wanted to say about the picture that you didn't lol.

  3. Now that I actually have gotten some sleep, it's just sinking in that the wedding is over and they are man and wife; it's nice to reflect on how FUN & BEAUTIFUL it all was! SO happy for them.

    P.S. Please, Jen and you better not leave me for ♥, k? K.


    ...kinda ;D

    1. Oh I didn't see the and "you" part. Of course I won't leave you for love! I may leave you in my pursuit of God's will for my life...even if it means marrying somebody from Timbuktu. :D

  4. Awe thank you Anali! Your so sweet!! Te amo! Now that I'm back from Cancun We need to get together so I can tell you all about my adventurous honeymoon and show you pics!!!! lol


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