Now This is Love ♥

Yup this is love.
What else do you need on a cold night in San Francisco?

      This is Daddy Love
               This is "LOL"
                             This is Cute  
My parents and I came across Frjtz in Sf. Although they are known for their famous fries and dips, I had myself a caramel latte and a nuttella and banana crepe. You see why I was in loveeee? haha. Seriously though, it was great getting warmed up by the coffee and walking around with the people I love (my parents). Oh and it was really cute in there! and food tastes better when you eat it in a cute place. haha

You know what else is Love?

Getting something in the mail!

Thanks Jedidah! I wanted to blog about how much I enjoyed and appreciated getting something from you in the mail. I love hand made stuff and notes. It definitely made me crack up. haha! Love you and miss you!

and last but not least since a post can't be complete without a "P.S"

(P.S. This is the face of a young lady in LOVE. hehehe)
Nom, nom, nom...


  1. LOL!!! That was a GOOOOD card Jedidah!!!

  2. Is that first picture a cup of Joe? haha!! ;) Love ya!

  3. That pic is soo beautiful!! The pic of the kitten...haha kidding! I couldn't help that one! I like that lacy thing.

    I wanna go to that place in SF!

    LOL Jen & Jen!

    1. Thank you, F21 :D
      And okay do you? Because I want to go to the mosaic stairs and then get some fries at that place!! We shall plan it before you start school :D

      You drive!! I'll be the co-pilot !

      and you're not allowed into Jen'sssss conversations since you aren't a Jen haha.

    2. Hanna, you are allowed to join the Jensssss Club.


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